Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Step 1, you find a girl/boy to love

I am coming to the rapid and unpleasant realisation that I'm getting old.

Having done the deed, taken the first step and actually signed up with a dating site, my age has moved into the next bracket.  The men that I might actually be interested in are in that bracket, or worse, the one above it.

When did I get to the stage of planning dates with someone my dad's age?  Ok, so he's not really 10 years old than me, but surely I'm too young to even be considering men of 50 as suitable/possible/potential options for dinner, drinks and we'll see what happens next?

It's not so much depressing as worrying that I'm running out of time, the buzzer is about to sound and I'll be put out to pasture as being past my prime, unsaleable or, worse, unwanted.

I have even sent out some mails, pinged a few pictures and shuddered at others.  I don't know what I was expected just 3 days in, but more than this was definitely on that list.  

Do people really expect to gain interest from potential partners when they've cropped a picture of themselves with their latest ex, or with a post coital cigarette hanging out of the side of their mouths?

Am I missing something important about basic good manners, or do I just want the unachievable dream?

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