Saturday, April 10, 2010

If two’s company, how many’s a crowd?

I have a thing, a cold or virus or a whatever it is that is breeding inside me causing me to be ill.  Having already had two bouts of bronchitis this year, I really don't want to have to resort to antibiotics to clear it up, although the process of deterioration seems to be following a similar path.

On the other hand, I am being sensible enough this time (it had to happen eventually I suppose) and am not running.  As it happens, I’m barely doing anything, or at least not at any great speed; I did cut the lawn last night for the first time since October although it was less ‘cut’ and more ‘hack’, as the blades on the mower are a little blunt and the grass more than a little too thick.

The most annoying thing is I want to run.  I had a pre-brunch running buddy date set up for tomorrow, but I’ve canned this in an effort to actually get better rather than attempting to sweat the beast from my brow, as I have done in the past.

Youngest is out with his friend and eldest is avoiding his homework, so we wandered slowly up to the pharmacy and the café for a little light relief; I am now medicated and caffeined to the max and he’s still not doing his homework, but we enjoyed each other’s company.

The café has only been open for a while; the owner trying hard to keep the village shops and her livelihood alive.  The food’s a little expensive for regular visits, but Eldest tells me that the burgers are fine and I can attest to the quality of the cappucino and the vanilla milkshake.

They also have a variety of activities set up to encourage people in and to help bolster the village community spirit.  It’s admirable and welcome in what is becoming a sleepy dormitory village, inhabited by commuting dads and stay at home mums who lunch and play tennis (ok, so I’m being a little unfair, I’m a mum and I do commute but don’t stay at home or play tennis….).

But they’re also playing host to a running club.  I only found this out today when I was browsing the literature and menu.  There are daytime clubs and evening clubs and, as it happens, I could make at least one of the evenings each week, germs and viruses aside.

I’ve always run when it suits me, when the mood takes me.  If I start running to suit other people, does that mean that I’ve actually become a ‘runner’ instead of a plodder?

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